SK99 Extensions – 4x 550DaN

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Extend your low-end or just want to use multiple line lengths on a single bar? Just use extensions!

This set contains 4 black sk99 560DaN 1.6mm lines.

We advise to mount extensions with a loop-loop connection to the existing lines or between the lines and pigtails. A larks head loop-knot connection is also a faster option, but you need to make sure the connection is tight and it is possible that another line snags behind the knot.


Additional note: we can only put a knot in a sleeved line-end. A knot in a bare flying line becomes too small and decreases the breaking strength.

Additional information

Weight 4 g
Line Length

, , , , , , , , ,

Line Finish

Sleeved splice, Splice


All Knots, All Loops, Steering lines knot, power lines loop, Steering lines loop, power lines knot


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