Max Bar, small bar ends


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This Max Bar comes with a 1:3 race trim and a ring at the end of the depower rope so you can use it with a harness based quick release.

This bar comes standard with a sk99 racing line set: 1.1mm 300DaN on the frontlines and 0.8mm 180DaN on the steering lines including thin race pigtails. For the line length we measure the total distance from the bar up to the end of the pigtails.
It is also possible to provide your own lines or choose a different set from our webshop. Any line set that has 4 lines of equal length and has spliced power lines fit our bars.



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Bar Width

45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm

Left Color

Black, Blue, Red

Right Color

Black, Blue, Red


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