2022 Plans / depression progress

20-03-2022 update:

Got some fresh energy from developing new products and at the point of launching the new max bar V3. Given some to Dutch team to test at Palma, Mallorca. Small change of plan, only going to Hyeres, France half of apltil and off course the Dutch Allianz regatta the next month.
Won’t be able to ship from the event sites, but can prepare orders to be shipped as soon as I am back in the Netherlands. Focus is on the production of bars and quick releases the coming weeks, products not in stock can be back ordered and put on the waiting list for production.

12-12-2021 update:

Mental health is slowly improving, decided to move away from the “production on (back)order” and only ship what is in stock. Using the coming months to develop new or improve current products while preparing the most popular ones to be in stock for the coming season.

Focus will be on production ahead of time instead of trying to keep up with all the incoming orders.
If you want an out of stock item you can make a production request so we can try to put it in front of the production line.

28-10-2021 After two weeks I finally managed to get home from Sardinia, but fell into the deepest depression/burnout to date.
All the previous ones the last two years I managed to get through without much impact on the business but this time it is not possible to hide it anymore. Need to find professional help to get everything back on track and find the energy again.

I hope this explains all the unanswered phonecalls and messages. Slowly starting up now, but won’t be working full time the next week’s or even months.
If you have an order that isn’t shipped yet, feel free to ask for a refund if you can’t wait.

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