Shipping costs & VAT

Why do I have to pay shipping costs?

That is a much-heard question that we would like to elaborate on: whether it is included in the price of the products or calculated separately. If we include the shipping costs in the price you pay too much if you order multiple small products or pick them up. We also have to raise prices on average in order to compensate for international shipments.

That is why we have chosen not to include the shipping costs in the product prices but to charge these separately for the entire order.

VAT on the shipping costs?*

Because no sales tax is paid on postage and parcel stamps in the Netherlands, there is confusion. However, the shipping costs on the invoice must indeed be charged with VAT.

In order to prevent the VAT being evaded, the shipping costs have to be taxed in addition to the goods. As a result, it is not possible for a company to evade sales tax. If this scheme did not apply, companies could easily put a lower amount on an invoice and the difference in the shipping costs (in that case unloaded) could work.

*orders from countries outside the EU will be free of the 21% VAT. This is updated automaticly on the checkout page.