Line Guide

Here is an overview of all our lines and a what they are best used for to guide you in your line choice

Our main line options

With our latest addition of the sk99+ INF425 We have now 3 main options to choose from plus an extra thin option for light wind foiling:

  • INF550 – Our strongest line, best used as front lines on free ride bars that needs to withstand the toughest conditions. Can also be used as back lines for those who wants the most tangle free experience.
  • INF425 – A mix between the 300 and 550 line, which shows with it’s unique blend of orange and black yarn-coated fibers. Used as front lines on wave/race bars or back lines for those that want something slightly tougher than the 300. A combination of INF425 + INF300 will meet the IKA requirements on minimal thickness for racing lines. Due to the Yarn-coated process this lines resist wear and shrinkage longer than our other sk99 lines and it gives it an unique look with a mix per-colored black and orange yarns.
  • INF300 – The thinnest option for the back lines for all styles of riding, a nice trade off between drag and strength. Can also be used as front lines for foiling or wave riders that want minimal line drag but keep in mind that they need to be undamaged to be used safely on the front lines.
  • INF100 – A long search for a thin line below the INF300 1.1mm brought us to this line. A 12 braid sk78 line that is below 0.8mm thick. Only use this as back lines for lightwind foiling in combination with a stronger line for the first 2-3m from the bar so you don’t wear the thin line down with crossed line. Some brands offer a 8-braid SK99 line but this gives a very rough and badly spliceable line that has no strength and stretch advantage over the good old sk78 lines.
NameTypeStrengthaverage thicknessCross sectionweigth/mColorPrice/mPrice ex VAT/m
INF300SK99300DaN1.15mm1.32×0.97mm1.03g/mOrange, Black€0.80€0.66
SK75SK75250-300DaN1.3-1.6mmGrey, yellow, black, red, blue€0.50€0.41
2mmSK78370DaN2mmRed, grey, blue€0.50€0.41
3mmSk78950DaN3mmRed, grey, blue, orange€0.75€0.62

Alternative line options

These consist of some leftover batches we bought at fair price so we can offer you more affordable options:

  • SK90 300 – A yarn coated line made of the predecessor of the sk99 fibre. Has the same specs as the INF300 with a slightly higher thickness and good wear + shrinkage properties.
    Amount in stock May 2021: 9000m
  • SK90 250 – A line with the same thickness as INF300 with a slightly lower breaking strength
    Amount in stock May 2021: 150m
  • SK75 lines – The old stock of, consists of a blend of colors and strenght from 275-350DaN, Those lines are all 8-braid so can only be sleeved or folded and stitched to simulate a splice. Used as a cheap option on for those on a budget.
    – Eurocord 275 grey – Amount in stock May 2021: 8000m
    – Eurocord 275 yellow – Amount in stock May 2021: 1000m
    – Eurocord 275 blue – Amount in stock May 2021: 1000m
    – Eurocord 350 black – Amount in stock May 2021: 500m
    – Eurocord 350 Red – Amount in stock May 2021: 1000m
    – Cousin Trestec 300 red – Amount in stock May 2021: 1000m
    – Cousin Trestec 300 blue – Amount in stock May 2021: 1000m
    – Cousin Trestec 300 grey – Amount in stock May 2021: 2000m