Maintenance – ball bearing replacement

When riding in a salt water environment you need to keep an eye on the ball bearing for corrosion if you want to keep it as free spinning as possible.

Although it is best to prevent corrosion by rinsing it with fresh water and keeping it lubricated. We do provide a spare ball bearing and tools to replace it. All you need is a pair of pliers and small screw driver or cutter to open up the split pen. The spare ball bearing, split pen, low profile M6 nut and bolt lock tools are found in the spare part kit.

Push the release housing up so you can insert the bolt-lock tool. It can take a bit of force to push the tool around the hex bolt head.

Now that the bolt is locked you can remove the split pen with the pliers. Start by bending it straight, then push the two pens together and pull it out by the eye.

Now you can undo the nut with the second bolt-lock tool or the pliers if you need more force.

If the bottom part of the swivel or bolt are stained from the rusted ball bearing try to remove as much as you can with same sandpaper or steel brush to prevent the rust from propagating any further.

Now install the new ball bearing, note that the balls contained in the center disc need to roll in the grooves of the upper and lower halve of the bearing. So watch the orientation when installing those, groove facing inward and flat surface outward.

Now screw on new low profile M6 nut all the way down, beyond the hole for the split pen.

Insert the new split pen until the eye is against the bolt.

Force the pins of the split pen apart, easiest done with a small cutter.

There should now be enough room for the pliers to grab one leg of the split pen at the far end and bend it to the side in such way that it is pointing back towards the bolt.

Now use the pliers to force the sharp end of the split pen all the way against the bolt in such way that nothing sticks out anymore.

Now screw the nut up firmly against the split pen to lock it in place with the pliers or bolt-lock tool.

All done. Enjoy your fresh free spinning Seatbel Quick release with ball bearing!

If you need more spare ball bearings, they can be ordered in the webshop.