About us

Infexion is run by me, Evan Kruger. Kiteboarder, kitesurfer or kitefoiler? Did it all as long as it involves wind.

Started with stunt- and power kites as a young boy, with bigger and bigger kites until I saw the first kiteboarders popping up on the beach at the end of the 90’s. That made me pick up windsurfing as it the kites were too expensive for a teenager. In 2001 I could finally afford a second hand set and haven’t touched a sail ever again.

In was already building my own power kites and lines at the moment so converting the Naish AR3.5 bar to a four line bar was something I didn’t have to think about, just do. Can’t remember I ever had a stock bar ever after that. Always trying to improve the bars from installing a chicken loop with better quick release to converting the Wipika Airblast and AMP to 5fth line to aid in relaunch and safety as the stock bars from the early 2000’s were a safety hazard compared to what we have now. Also started building my own boards and plan to sell them but modifying bars and lines was less messy than working with glass and epoxy and in such high demand that I started Infexion as a bar repair shop in 2013.

During that time I did all the aspects of the sport from playing in the waves, to wakestyle and even competed in the first Red Bull Megaloop challenge. It was also in that period I picked up one of the first hydrofoils in the Netherlands as I was always looking for ways to milk more low end out of the gear available. From flying 18m C kites to riding a formula race board just for fun.

With the hydrofoil I met other race oriented kiters who also picked up a foil and we started competing with each other and even started our own Foil Cup a few years later. This demanded even more specialised bars and lines which led to the development of my own carbon bars and quick releases that even made to the 2024 Olympics in the hands of Annelous Lammerts.

Also had the hopes to become a top racer myself as 5x winner of our own cup and Winning the Dutch championship in 2019. Did even compete in the European championship 2020 but had drop out due to my age and and dedicated it took in training hours to keep up. Hours I also needed to spend make the bars and lines.

After that, kiting became more of a side hobby. Only did it on the nicer sunny days instead of rainy cold winter sessions. It was then that I came in touch with soaring and that’s where the next chapter began!

It was kiting from the early 2000’s all over again. Flying with mountain gear that was at best frustrating to use and as we already played with kites in the dunes from time to time I started experimenting with combining the two worlds.

This led me to converting a 21m race kite I had laying around into a soaring wing, just months before the Moustache launched. Spoiled by the performance of the race kite the Moustache felt as a beginner wing when I finally got to try it. This led to search for the best soaring wing and experimenting with kite risers on all kinds of paragliders and eventually the development of universal kite risers and a high performance soaring wing.