Types of Dyneema

With so many different types of dyneema available we thought it would be helpful to explain the various types.

SK75 – for many years the strongest Dyneema grade and the standard material that everybody understands.  Thanks to new and improved grades, SK75 is being used less and less however it is still used by most brands for their standard lines due to the low cost and wide availability.

We still have the old stock from Cheapkitelines ranging from 200-550DaN lines in various colors.

SK78 – has become the standard grade by most big rope manufacturers.  SK78 has the same strength as SK75 but offers significantly improved elongation and creep characteristics than it’s predecessor.  Used by us for pigtails, pulley lines and depower ropes.

SK90 – launched in 2009 and offered approximately 10% – 15% strength improvement over SK75/8.  However, SK90 only has the same elongation and creep characteristics as SK75.  We still have a few leftovers in 250DaN, but it is replaced with SK99.

SK99 – The latest offering from DSM Dyneema launched in 2013.  SK99 has 20% strength advantage over SK78 and crucially retains the same elongation and creep characteristics as SK78 – out-gunning SK90 on all levels!  SK99 has an unmatched strength to weight ratio and has carved a niche for itself as the ultimate performance line

DM20 – another type of dyneema that sets itself apart by having virtually zero creep. Very usefull in ropes with permanent static loads as a replacement for steel cables. All other types of dyneema listed above would permanently elongate at a constant rate when a static load is applied over months or years. As the stretch and strength properties are comparable with SK75 we don’t see any use for kites as you don’t experience any significant creep with dynamic loads only a few hours a week.