Max Bar

No one has the same preferences, we let you fully customize your high-performance carbon bar to the MAX!

1. Bar stick
Standard sizes we keep in stock: 45-50-55-60-65cm
– small barends, (race, short lines)
– big barends (long lines, snowkiting)
– 60cm adjustable width
– custom size (produced on backorder)

2. Leader lines
– fixed length with PU and ball for grabbing
– Competition, low drag
– backline trim, adjust backline length on the fly

3. Depower cord / clamcleat trim
– 80cm, no trim with stopper, great for a symplistic freeride bar combined with backline trim
– 60-70-80cm + 1:3 race trim with standard clamcleat
– 60-70-80cm + 1:3 competition trim, small clamcleat with thinner trim rope to reduce drag at the cost of higher wear to the cleat and trim rope.

4. Quick release

5. line set
– sk99 300 / 300 lowest drag
– sk99 300 / 450 Competion ready
– sk99 450 / 550 highest strength

6. Pigtails
– race pigtail out of sk99 300-450-550 to minimize drag
– standard pigtail out of sk75 3mm rope for longevity and color coding