Max Bar

No one has the same preferences, we let you fully customize your high-performance carbon bar to the MAX!

Key features:
– Fixed width or a bar that is fully adjustable in width, even when riding.
– No standard sizes, every length possible between 35cm and 70cm.
– Soft, hollow 3D printed Polyurethane barends and stoppers for easy line storage and a safer to use bar.
– 6mm Polyurethane depowerd cord, thin enough to fit through the Clamcleat CL826-11AN making the bar-throw adjustable up to 800mm.
– Backline trim. No need for flapping trim lines when freeriding or the option to tune your maximum-power position on the fly when combined with a race trim.
– Soft flagout bracket. Mimimizing the use of metal parts.

SK99 line sets provided with our Max bar:
– Race lines: 1.1mm 300DaN power lines, 1.1mm 250DaN sk90 back lines + universal race pigtails
– Freeride lines: 1.6mm 550DaN power lines, 1.1mm 300DaN back lines + universal; pigtails

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