Seatbelt Quick Release

Intrigued by the simplicity of a harness based snap shackle combined with only a ring at the bar we took the goal to design a modern equivalent push away version that meets the requirements of all hooked-in riders from racing and boosting to wave and foiling.

With only 75mm tall and 117g it is one of the shortest releases available giving you maximum sheeting range and maneuverability and we even surpassed the shackle with a free spinning flagout system making it possible to integrate a ball bearing enabling it to spin so easily that your front lines never get twisted again.

The biggest hurdle in the design process was to get the force to push the release open low enough, even under high loads after extended use. As initially the metal on plastic friction was low enough to pass the tests bit over time some fine metal/sand dust collects on the plastic sliding surface increasing the force to open twofold, making it only just fail the tests. We eventually went for a small roller on an axle, that even when seized still enables the release force to be low enough to open the Seatbelt Quick Release under all conditions. Added bonus was that it distributes the load better into the plastic housing making the claws that grab onto the metal ring the weakest link.

The release is designed to handle loads up to 500DaN and the claws bend open above 600DaN, more then enough for even the heaviest riders and on par with the most used chickenloops on the market. The force to open sits around 30-50DaN under a 200DaN load and we never had a failed quick release in the past year of almost daily real world testing.