Max bar V3

The lightest and/or stiffest bar on the market. With the third iteration of our carbon bars we move the center hole to the outside of the bar. This moves the depower cord to the back of the bar, making more room for you hands an fingers when holding the bar in the center and makes the bar a lot stronger as we don’t have to cut into to carbon tube for the center hole. This also made it possible to pick even thinner and lighter carbon tubes to build the lightest bar on the market, starting at only 93 gram!

The V3 bar ends puts the connection point of the the back lines all the way at the end of the bar and 5cm up from the bar center line to give the best feedback and makes the bar look a bit smaller that it actually is. They have enough room to store even the longest lines and an integrated bungee that is not in the way when winding the lines.

Our experience with bar repairs for more than a decade is poured into every aspect of the bar to make all parts and lines last as long as possible and easy to replace with simple tools.
For example the PU depower cords have the line snug fitted into the tube while the tube ends are pushed over the thicker spliced parts of the line so sand can’t enter into the tube making the tube wear out first so the wear is visible,
All splices in the lines are tapered and long enough to they don’t rely on the stitching for strength.
To combat line wear at the point where the back lines cross we made that part of the lines replaceable. On top of that the replaceable wear section of the lines are spliced the entire length! This gives more surface area, lowering fricting forces, and you have to wear through the entire outer layer before damaging the line inside.

The bars are aimed at hooked in riders, from racers to freeride foiling, wave riders, snowkiters and big air that want a simple lightweight, strong and long lasting bar build completely to their desire.
You can select your custom bar from our main options: Competition, Freeride, Freeirde cleatless, Snowkite 5-line. We keep the bar sizes and lines lengths listed in stock, but feel free to ask for different lengths if your option is not listed as all bars are assembled to order.

Competition – Aimed at the Olympic race class riders. Has no flagout line and a 1:4 or 1:3 race trim system where the back lines cross just above the trim system and the connections of the backline wear-leaderline are moved out of the way of this cross point to have them move smoothly.

Freeride – Not just the competition bar with flagout, but also the option for thinner, longer lines and the addition of a 1:2 trim option. The go-to setup for every freerider from wave to big air.

Cleat-less – Clutter free setup with an 800mm bar travel and movable stopper. Can be equipped with a trim system on the back lines if you still want to adjust the length of the back lines while riding.

Snowkite – Freeride bar with an added 5th line to aid in self landing a foil kite on the top of a mountain. The 5fth line has an easy to grab handle just above the bar.

All bars come with low-drag universal pigtails that can be used as a knot and loop. Quick release is sold separately as it’s harness based so you don’t need one for every bar!

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  • Max bar V3 – Competition

  • Max bar V3 – Freeride

  • Max bar V3 – Freeride cleatless

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  • Max bar V3 – Snowkite 5-line

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