Max Bar

Our high perfomace carbon bar.

Key features:
– Adjustable width, hence the name “Max Bar” as you can set the width to any position. Until you run out of maximum width of course.
– 5 standard sizes: 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm and 650mm. (Any size is possible on custom order)
– Soft, hollow 3D printed Polyurethane barends for easy line storage.
– 6mm Polyurethane depowerd cord, thin enough to fit through the Clamcleat CL826-11AN making the bar-throw adjustable up to 600mm.
– Soft, hollow 3D printed Polyurethane stoppers above and below the bar.
– On the fly adjustable leader lines. No need for flapping trim lines when freeriding or the option to tune your maximum power position with the race trim.
– Soft flagout bracket. Mimimizing the use of metal parts and solve a common wear-point. Our flagout bracket out of 500DaN SK99 line also give you the option to trim both powerlines as equal as possible.