Duotone Trust bar 2023-2024 complete line set



Complete lines set for Trust bars from 2023-2024.

Containing (if selected):
– Set of 4x 20cm pigtails
– Set of upper front lines
– Hybrid Set of lower front lines
– Set of back lines

Our Hybrid lines are a mix of wear-resistant sk76 lines at the bottom section of the lines (where the back lines grind over the front lines) and sk99 lines for the rest of the lines to give you the ultimate mix of stiff, strong and thin lines that outlast all other line sets!
Not only is the replaceable bottom section made of wear-resistant Dyneema sk76, we also splice the first 2m of the hybrid line sections. This gives the lines extra thickness where it matters the most and you have to wear through the entire outer layer before the strength of the line is compromised.

Bottom section of the back lines is 2m and the lower front line section is 6m long to let the bar travel along the front line far enough to completely flag out before it stops at the loop-loop transition between the sk76 and sk99 sections

Choose between a combination of sk99 550kg (1.68mm), sk99+ 425kg (1.54mm), sk99 300 (1.15mm) or sk90 330 (1.3mm) lines. Thicker lines are stronger and have less stretch at the cost of drag, so a rule of thumb is to pick thicker lines if you are heavy or ride overpowerd and thinner for lighter riders or when foiling/wave riding

We use the highest quality Braidtech Sk99 lines to give you you strongest and most responsive lines available.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Line Length

, , ,

Line combination

sk99 550 front Black, Sk99+ 425 back Orange, sk99+ 425 front Orange, Sk90 330 back Blue, sk99+ 425 front Orange, Sk99 300 back Orange + Black

Hybrid back lines

No, continuous back lines, Yes


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