SK75 275-350 – set of 2 lines

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Some leftover batches of 8-braided sk75 lines that are not spliceable. To make them work on modern flagout systems we opted for a folded and stitched line end to make a loop that resembles a splice the most. Old school sleeves are also possible, although we we use a dyneema sleeve to make them extra robust!

Pair them up with any other set of 2 lines, if you choose sleeves on the end you don’t need any pigtails. If you want extensions a set of pigtails and only folded line ends will make a sleeker connection.

To have the lines shrink equally it is best to use the same line type left and right. Here are all the brands, strength and color options that can be paired up. Only use the same brand and strength as a pair! You can select the colors in the options menu, we select the strongest pair of lines available in those colors.

– Climax Combat 350DaN – yellow
– Eurocord 360DaN – white, blue
– Eurocord 350DaN – red, black
– Eurocord 275DaN – grey, white, blue, yellow
– Cousin Trestec 300DaN – red, blue, grey

The lines are cut and stitched on order, if you need a length in between the whole meters order the length closest to your need and add the exact length in the note-section of the order.

Set contains: 2x Sk75 lines

Additional information

Weight N/A
Line Length

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Line Finish Begin

Folded and stitched, Sleeve knot, Sleeve loop

Line Finish End

Folded and stitched, Sleeve knot, Sleeve loop

Left Color

Grey, White, Yellow, Black, Blue, Red

Right Color

Grey, White, Yellow, Black, Blue, Red


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