Set of Duotone Click bar lower front lines – Infexion setup



Set replacement lower front lines for the Duotone click bars with our simplified Infexion setup. Possible to set it up with Low-V and and 6m split height. It has a reinforced section through de depower cord, allowing us to run the sk99 lines directly from the bar greatly reducing line drag!
Made from sk76 with our hybrid technology against wear. Meaning the entire first 1.8m is spliced to give extra thickness and an outer layer against the wear of the back lines rubbing when flying with crossed lines. Comes with a stopper and reinforcement for the line splitter to ride with the high split option.

– Set lower front lines, SK99 550.

Only pair them with the following lengths of upper front lines:
19m = 12.75m
22m = 15.75m
24m = 17.75m
27m = 20.75m

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Line Type

SK99 425, SK99 550


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