Seatbelt Quick Release V3 – ball bearing – 8mm Bolt


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A very short push away Quick Release that stays permanently connected to your harness so you only need 1 Quick Release for all your bars! Designed for all hooked riders from racers, foiling to wave to big-air kiters that want the maximum sheeting space available while staying securely connected to their kite at all times.
Built in manual swivel.

With the v3 our aim was to make the Seatbelt Quick Release operate smoother and more reliable while also improving the strength. The bungee is now split into 3 sections, allowing for the part that ejects the ring to be loose while the ones connecting the push knob to the claws are now as tight as possible. This makes inserting the ring go a lot smoother with clear tactile click.
The claws got a complete redesign and produced by CNC machining, making them 30% stronger, have rounded edges, have a more pronounced notch for the ring to push in, added notches for the bungees and move the stopper to the uppper part so the leash-line could connect to the inner 2 claws. Combined with a widening of the push knob inner space makes it that everything has more room the operate freely.
To lower the chances of accidental release we also added a guard to the bottom of the Quick release.

For 2024 the stainless steel bearings are now guaranteed to be grade 316, meaning they shouldn’t rust when washed after each session with fresh water, stored dry and kept lubricated.
New are the ceramic bearing, they spin even more freely but are rated at half the load of the steel bearings. So to not shatter the ceramic bearing we advise them to only be used by lighter riders or freeride foilers/wave riders that don’t ride (over)powered.

Length: 95mm
Width: 45mm
Weight: 175g (Shipping weight: 275g)
Max rider weight: 120kg
Max working load: 480kg
Breaking load: 730kg+
Push knob travel to open: 20mm
Force to open unloaded: 5kg
Force to open under max load: 10kg

Package includes:
1x Seatbelt Quick Release
1x Spare bungee/leash rope
1x Spare ball bearing set

Additional information

Weight 275 g
Leash connection

No, Yes


Hex, Thumb

Slider Wheel

No, Yes


Petrol, Purple, White, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red

Bearing type

Ceramic, Grade 316 stainless steel


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