00 – Universal Kite Risers – base set


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Bing soaring to a new level by flying your existing wing on kite risers.

We developed a kite riser system where the top level pulleys are replaced by a CNC machined Aluminium bar making virtually all wing configurations possible while keeping it all running smooth with a minimal amount of pulleys.

Kite risers allow you to accelerate the wing by putting the speed bar into your hands, making ground handling in strong winds and proximity flying close to the dunes a lot easier and turning your wing into a true 3-D flying machine!

It works best on modern EN-C/EN-D/CCC wings with a big speed/lift range so we don’t recommend it on EN-A and miniwings with comparable performance. The wing also needs to fly stable at half to full speed bar/acceleration.

This base set contains 4 bar-bridle loops (2 A and 2 for B-C bridle rows) to fit most 2- and 3-line wings. There are no maillons or soft links provided, you can re-use your steel maillons from the old riser set or buy a separate set of soft links. The male part of the cruise control lock comes pre-installed. Female parts are sold separately and are recommended to be installed by highly experienced pilots only.

Send us your wing model to have the bar-bridle loops installed at the correct position for your wing.
We can install and test-fly the risers if you ship your wing or come to our local beach in the south of the Netherlands.

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