1:2 trim set


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Main 1:2 trim + depower cord set

– 650mm or 750mm depower cord, PU or dyneema covered
– 1:2 trim system with 300mm travel
– matching flagout line
– soft power bracket
– 5mm depower cord ring
– Seatbelt or Micro Leash

Clamcleat can be lowered on the depower cord to set it to your preferred length.
– Standard clamcleat comes with a 6mm PU coverd depower cord with 3.5mm Dyneema rope inside and a thicker trim line
– Micro clamcleat has a 5mm PU covered depower cord with 3mm Dyneema inside and a thin trim line for the least amount of drag.

Trim line length, grabbing area below the knot.
Short – 100mm
Medium – 450mm
Long – 800mm

Additional information

Weight N/A
Bar Travel

Maximum 650mm, Maximum 750mm

Depower cord

Dyneema sleeve, PU Tube


Micro, Standard

Trim line length

Long, Medium, Short


Micro Leash, Seatbelt Leash


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