Leader line set

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Leader line sets consist of a sk99 300 or 550 line that goes up to 2.2m from the bar, beyond the point where the back lines rub against each other so you can use thinner back lines or change the only the upper leader line section that wears down.

– Backline trim lets you adjust the trim of the backline on the fly, just takes a few seconds adjust the slider to use the 200mm of trim length
– On the fixed leader line set the backline trim is swapped for a line with 250mm PU tube and a ball to grab for relaunching
– The competition set has the sk99 300 or 550 run all the way down to the bar with some adjustment knots in the spliced lower half

Additional information

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Leader line style

Backline trim, Competition, Fixed with PU and stopper

Line Type

SK99 300, SK99 550


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